Targeted randomness

It’s weird.  Yesterday I turned 51 years old. That’s not the weird part though. What I find weird is that complete strangers, people who I have never met, and only know through the virtual world, take time out of their day to send me good wishes. They don’t even know me. Not really. They know what my dogs look like, they know what I had for dinner the other night, they know my husband works overseas, currently in Saudi Arabia. But those are all cosmetic details. Less than 10 percent of my Facebook friends know my daughter’s name. Less than 1 percent of them know how I met my husband, where I was born, what my favorite color is or how many times I’ve been married. Yet a large percentage of them wanted me to have a Happy Birthday, and that means something to me. It only takes a minute to type a short message, but it takes even less to scroll past the notice that it was my birthday.

So this is my first ever blog post. I love reading blogs, but I’m really bad at following many of them consistently. My favorite blog is at He retired from corporate America a few years ago to climb the worlds highest mountains in order to raise money and bring awareness to Alzheimer’s disease. He lost his mother to this horrible affliction, and it literally changed his life. Even when he is part of the Himalayan climbing season, he provides spectacular coverage of life in the mountains with descriptions and pictures so vivid that it seems like I’ve actually been there.  I, too, am obsessed with the Himalayas, and can answer almost any question posed to me in casual conversation. Another favorite is ‘Baby Sideburns’. A mother of two children who posts hilarious anecdotes about the things kids do and the way she and her husband handle it. She pulls no punches and I can only imagine how her kids are going to react when they are old enough to read her stories. I love food blogs and travel blogs, and of course I’m all about dogs, and more specifically service dogs. But I’ll get into that in a later post.

For now, I’m just dipping my toes in to check the temp. My brain never stops, and I really needed an outlet for my thoughts, ideas and some silly stories that even the best fiction writer could not make up.  Eventually I’ll figure out how to add photos (hopefully!).  There will even be guest bloggers!  My next post will be about an upcoming project. I’ll just say that it’s going to be the accomplishment of my number one ‘bucket list’ item, and I’m going to need the help of every one of you. Stay tuned!



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