It’s a hard knock life…

Royal Skippy

Hi! I’m Skippy! I’m a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier. My Mom says I’m a JackassRussellTerrorist.  I’m not sure what that means but it must be something good because she REALLY loves me!  And I love her right back!  I am always kissing her and leaving her presents!!  Just last week I left the nicest package for her.  I took 4 of my best poops and wrapped them up in pretty blankets so she would find them when she got home from work.  How awesome is this?!?!

A present

She seemed very excited about it.  There was lots of yelling and throwing of things.  We were both barking 🙂  I have a sister (blech) who thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bacon.  But she’s not.  She goes to some place called ‘doggy daycare’ and comes back smelling like about 65 different dogs.  I would love to go with her but it must be some kind of punishment place because Mom says I can’t go there because I’m her little a$$hole!  She doesn’t call Baylee an a$$hole, just me, so I must be the good dog! This is my first blog post, and Mom says if I’m a good boy, I’ll get to do some more later.  She must go to doggy daycare too, because every other Saturday she comes home smelling like other dogs as well.  She says they are ‘service dogs in training’….whatever that is.  Apparently when they grow up they get to CHOOSE their human and help them live more normal lives like my humans!  She takes care of the babies in the nursery and helps the bigger puppies learn things like picking up keys, and turning lights off and on. YAWN……I am NEVER going to be a service dog.  All that stuff sounds like it’s just going to interfere with my butt sniffing and security dog services (nap taking).  I will write more later, if Mom will ever get off the computer again.  Until then….I’m your friend Skippy!

Big boy teeth


3 thoughts on “It’s a hard knock life…

  1. Skippy,
    Freckles Gres here. I am also a JRT. There simply aren’t enough of us. I chose my girl because the other person I was with left me down at the river and I waited until someone came that I liked the looks of, then I allowed her to pick me up and take me home. I will admit I was getting worried (and hungry) because it took her longer than it should. We have other dogs here but of course, I am the biggest. The smallest one is Trouble, she is a Great Dane. She is a wimp. Also it is frequently necessary for me to offer corrections to Jinx, the Black Lab, and some of the others at times. A JRT’s work is never done. Paws up! ~FG


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